An invitation to dream

In today’s society where important values and principles are often lost, the Oasis project meets the children in their own community, teaches them to dream and offers the hope of building a better future from the one they face today.

Each child is offered the chance to dream again, to dream big!

An invitation to dream

How will this happen?

We see the potential in our children. Therefore we carry out activities which contribute to their spiritual, emotional and physical development. By using important life principles, Oasis teaches children how to interact with their teachers, at home and in the community.

Our English language classes, homework assistance, music, recreation, crafts and other activities allow children to recognize their own natural abilities, encourage their self-esteem and teach them to appreciate each other’s competencies.

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What We Do?

Oasis aims to


Use each given opportunity to develop children and adolescents in a creative, playful way.


Stimulate and strengthen important principles and values to a happy, successful life.


Foster the sense of belonging of children in their families and in their community.


Contribute to recovery from social vulnerability and strengthen the own identity and self-esteem.

Meet Our Team

David & Regina Maasbach


Jeremias & Carmen Souza

Coordinator Brazil


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